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Mehdy Shahmiri
Mehdy Shahmiri
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Arash hosseinifar
Arash hosseinifar
Eli Talebi
Eli Talebi
Tour Organizer
M.K.Shahmirzadi (Giuseppe)
M.K.Shahmirzadi (Giuseppe)
Agent in Italy



Iran Tours By Locals

Kermanshah Province in south of Iran is ideal for tourists. Wonderful Historical monuments , Beautiful landscapes , Waterfalls , hospitable people In our two day tour from Tehran to Kermanshah you see : Hamedan city and its historical monuments Sahneh city with beautiful landscapes Kermanshah city and Taghe Bostan If you like to see wonders

Dashkasan is a three cave complex located south-east of Soltaniyeh. Outside the caves there is a temple called Dragon Stone of Dash Kasan Caves which was built by order of Mongol king Öljaitü in the early fourteenth century. The temple was built by four Chinese craftsmen. The architecture of Dash Kasan caves looks like an

We offer you a real adventure into the magnificent Iranian desert. in this tour you’ll stay at the local houses, experience camel riding and desert sightseeing. Maranjab, is an area and caravanserai along the Silk Road near Tehran, sounded by a vast central desert and known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. If you like to see

If you are interested in hiking and going out of city on weekend,  you can go to Kolakchal mountains in north of Tehran. You can also see wonderful Jamshidieh park on the way.


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