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Dizi / Abgoosht

Dizi, or Abgoosht, is one of the oldest Persian foods. If you want to familiarize your foreign friend with Iranian culture and cuisine/cookery, take him/her to the traditional restaurant and order a Dizi!

To prepare this dish, lamb meat is cooked with legumes (mainly bean and chickpea), potatoes, and sometimes tomatoes completely. Then, the gravy and the ingredients are separated; and the ingredients are mashed and mixed well. An original dizi is served with sangak bread, dough, onion, and leafy greens.
Dizi or Piti is cooked and served in different dishes. However, that one prepared in a stone pot has the best flavor and taste. Dizi is prepared with lamb meat, chickpeas, white beans, onion, tomato, tomato paste, dried lemon, pepper, turmeric and salt, which together create a tasty and nutritious dish.

One of the most nutritious ingredients in all types of Dizi is chickpea. They rich in iron; help in digesting food and strengthens the immune system.

Chickpea is also beneficial for the health of the eyes, heart and beauty of the skin. As the name suggests, the main ingredient in this meal is meat (Goosht in Persian), which is a rich source of protein, minerals, vitamins, iron, and zinc.

Tomatoes have many antioxidants, and when cooked, antioxidants become even higher. Tomato is also a low-fat ingredient with some fiber and protein. Dried limes are also there to absorb the fat from the broth.

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