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Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian Herb Stew)
ۀاخقئثا ُشذظه

If you ask Iranians what is their favorite food; they will most probably say it is Ghormeh sabzi!

Ghormeh sabzi (from Khoresht family), is prepared with aromatic herbs, onion, dried lime, red bean (in some parts of Iran, white and pinto beans) and sheep, calves or lamb meat.

The secret is a delicious Ghormeh sabzi like many Persian foods is at the time of cooking. The more the stew is cooked with less heat and longer time; the more tasty and well-simmered it will be.

Ghormeh sabzi is served with white rice or saffron rice, and the experience of eating it will surely be interesting and unforgettable for tourists and travelers.

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